Rules & Regulations

At KVN, admissions are at the discretion of the Principal and the management, in line with the educational policy.

Admission to KVN is open to all without any distinction of caste, creed, colour or religion. Assessment for admission is normally by informal interaction conducted between the Principal, student, both parents and caretakers. The interaction is conducted in a way that demonstrates the prospective student’s personality and capabilities.

The school is committed to admit any child who clears the interaction, provided there is a vacancy. When there is no vacancy in the desired class, successful students will be placed on a waiting list and considered for the first available slot. Parents are advised to apply for admission at the earliest.

Criteria for admission: Availability of seats in appropriate classes and programs
Meeting all admission procedures and qualifications
Meeting all financial obligations
Please go through the documents required at the admission.

Documents for Montessori:
  • Attested copy of Birth Certificate
  • Letter of declaration ( school policy form)
  • Medical Certificate by a registered government practitioner
  • Passport size photographs:
    • Student – 10 nos
    • Parents/Guardian – 5 nos
  • Vaccination Record

Documents for Grade 1 – Grade 12:
  • Attested copy of Birth Certificate
  • Declaration Letter
  • Medical Certificate by a registered government practitioner
  • Original Transfer Certificate from previous school
  • Passport size photographs
    • Student – 10 nos
    • Parents/ Guardian – 5 nos
  • Photocopy of last progress report
  • Vaccination Record

The final decision of the admission committee will be communicated in one week's time.
  • Mid-term admissions are considered only during the first semester up to Grade 8th and are limited to the availability of seats. No mid-term admissions will be accepted in the second semester.
  • Provisional Admission will be considered (depending on the availability of seats) only for outstation students who are planning to relocate/move to Thrissur. These students have to send the provisional application form (downloaded from our web site) and previous academic reports (of the last two years, at least) together with a recommendation letter from the school authority/teacher and a copy of their birth certificate.