An Accosting Ride Through Destiny

“Only the Captain of the ship knows the calmness as well as the turbulence in the expedition.......”

The Manager, Kailasanadha Vidyanikethan, Smt. Sarala Purushothaman is a true Captain to lead everyone of the institution in the journey of Academic success. We are felicitous to get an opportunity to interview Smt Sarala Purushothaman who joyously shared the success story. Some of the highlights of the conversation are here:

Kailasanadha Vidyanikethan is built on a splendid and alluring mountain top by being in touch with the serene nature. Madam, could you tell us about the dawn of the institution? How the concept of starting a school came to your mind?

“Once we got settled in Thrissur we got accustomed to visit the great Vadakumnatha Temple every day. And one day, like a positive indication, the thought came to our mind.......of constructing something promising for the entire mankind – an educational institution. Thus, with the name of Lord Kailasanadha we started out our new venture in 2004. The construction work began in 2003; within six months we grandly finished our dream with all the facilities to teach children from KG to Grade six. Presently those blocks are used as Montessori and Secondary blocks.”

There are a number of prestigious Educational Institutions in Thrissur. Being one among them, what are the challenges encountered to manage everything perfectly?

The first challenge was to tackle criticisms. No one will believe if I tell that we started the institution with just one child in Grade five and two in six. Even though there were a number of aspersions, we moved ahead bravely with unbeatable courage. Still the journey was not easy as there were difficulties to obtain CBSE affiliation. Thrice we visited the CBSE Head Office, Delhi, and finally with the grace of God we accomplished it. It gives me pleasure to mention how we managed an unexpected school transportation issue and solved it with a brisk presence of mind. Believing that everything happened as destined.

“Parasparam bhavayantah sreyah param avapsyatha” , the sacred verse from Holy Bhagavad Gita. What was the humble reason to choose this as the school’s motto?

“By nourishing one another, there will reign general prosperity for all”, the meaning of the sacred verse. We believe that it is the ideal motto for any institution, not only Educational. And with this quote in mind any one can reach the zenith of prosperity.

It seems like utmost care is been taken to not to harm nature while constructing the school, and is designed in a Nalukettu model, an amalgamation of heritage and tradition. Is there any specific reason for this?

It was the firmness in Purushothaman Sir’s (Founder Chairman) resolution to not to harm nature by cutting down trees. Being an engineer Sir adopted a novel idea of blending the classical architectural style with that of the modern and that made it unique.