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Dear Parents,

Welcome to KVN. I'm thankful for your interest in our School; it is a community we love and in which we believe our students thrive.

Choosing a school for your child is a centrally important decision. At its best, a school will provide a landscape and “family” from which your child can fall in love with learning and establish friendships that sustain them for a lifetime. A great school immerses children in a culture where they develop a strong sense of who they are and an understanding that engagement in their community is the true measure of goodness.

By intention, KVN cultivates our students’ desire to pursue personal excellence in their areas of passion. Equally, we value goodness, particularly a commitment to practical engagement that benefits one’s own community; however you choose to describe community. This combination of excellence and goodness creates a palpable yearning in our students, not for mere success, but rather to stretch for significance and impact on behalf of others. It is beautiful and humbling to see.

The combination of our Montessori start and CBSE finish provides a unique framework for learning. Our Lower School creates a landscape of exploration, extension and independence through which self-confidence, joy in learning and care for community are nurtured. Our Upper School then embraces this child of wonder and engages them in a learning experience that leads to new levels of excellence and compassion for the world.

 Finding the right school for your child is too important. Words on a website can't be enough. You have to come by and see and feel it for yourself. We'd love to host you, introduce ourselves and show you the depth of who we are and the place within which your child can say “I love my School.”