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 The institution aims at bringing about a harmonious and meaningful blending between the traditional and progressive methods of education. Our endeavor is to create individuals with a creative mind, open and democratic outlook and is able to face life with more confidence and cheer. This is possible only if the three H's-Head, Heart and Hand are integrated so as to lay the foundation for mental adaptability, initiative, creative thinking, culturally refined living and the unshakable moral strength of character. 

Kailasanadha Vidyanikethan is the outcome of a dream by Mr N.V.Purushothaman conceived in June 2004, in providing quality education, that would enable a child to excel in his/her chosen field with confidence to face the global challenges without forgetting social responsibilities. 

We aim at achieving this objective with a child-centered and activity oriented methods with utmost care, love, understanding and firmness, so as to inculcate in the young minds, early enough the moral, ethical, cultural values, respecting and caring the aged and environmental awareness, strength of character, discipline, compassion, religious tolerance, altruism and national pride with a global outlook. 
Kailasanadha Vidyanikethan provides a solid academic foundation and a rich extra-curricular programme supplemented by an educational programme that includes four core principles. These core principles, World Citizenship, Universal Values, Leadership Qualities and Forward Thinking are part of the planned curriculum and are woven throughout the fabric of school life.